1 Jan
Hello Center Stage Families!

Hello Center Stage Families!

January 1, Thursday, to

I am very thrilled to be launching a new website with the professional development team at SPROING, right here in Vernon!

My hope and goal is that families will be easily able to navigate our new site and find it a user friendly experience. Please feel free to connect with me if any area of the new site is not working so that I can tweak it in the weeks and months to come. As with anything new, there are bugs to work out! Thank you for your patience and understanding as I navigate this new site and make it the best it can be!

Traditions are so meaningful, and this 20-year tradition has my heart!

These past few years have been challenging for all of us in different ways! One thing it has done is remind me of the traditions in my studio that I have truly missed and how grateful I am to see them return this year! The Sounds of Christmas was born from the idea of needing to raise much needed funds for our Broadway shows each spring. Celebrating the season of Christmas with music and a beautiful dining experience became a way of helping offset the costs of musicals but more importantly, it became a tradition of gathering together to celebrate the season with friends and family through a connecting thread that will always bring us together…. MUSIC!

This year I know it will hold more meaning than ever before.

Let the sounds of music, joy and laughter fill the air!